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Translation company

My neighbor was telling me of some of his very unique adventures from years ago. He was part of a cardio vascular team that had come up with  a revolutionary new technique. Living in the United States it was a lot tougher to do the things that they wanted to do. One of the first places that they went to was China. Sometimes it was very tough to get the translation across to other doctors. Using a translation company as a double insurance back up was the best way to make sure everyone was receiving the same information. All information was typed twice over and each individual involved compared the two translations to make sure it was correct. It was so important when it comes to implants to have all the information correct as you can see when it comes to saving the lives of people. There were over eighty pages that were translated by two different people and typed out in their own format. Now when you take into consideration there was fourteen different people reading this and comparing each one and then having questions at the end. It took quite a few days to get through this one procedure.

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