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Stair lift

Years ago we moved to the State of New York and in the winter time we tried to have as much fun outdoors with the snow as much as possible. One year my husband got a great deal on an skidoo snowmobile. Snowmobiles can be a lot of fun but they can also be very dangerous. He decided one day to meet one of his friends about eight miles away on a snowmobile. Going through an open lot there was a large tree limb that he didn't see that was covered with snow. The edge of the tree limb caught the front ski stopping the snowmobile quickly. My husband flew over the front of the snowmobile.When he landed it tore the muscles around his knee. Many operations later he cannot still put much weight on that leg at all. We had a stair lift installed at our entrance to get him up to the first floor. This coming spring we will have one installed to the next level up where our bedroom is. At the moment the couch is his bedroom and he can't wait to get back upstairs.

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