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Furnace replacement

Central New York's winters can be very harsh when it comes to a lot of things. Just getting up in the morning  and looking at the driveway that has two foot of new snow is enough to want you to go back to bed but of course you have to go to work. When a storm is coming in my husband gets up two hours early  so he can get out and plow the driveway before I have to leave for work. Friends of hours that live next door moved to Calgary. We visited them last winter. Halfway through our first night there it got very very cold.
My husband woke up his friend, they went downstairs and the furnace wasn't working. My husband checked it out and to find it had a cracked heat exchanger that could have killed us all from the fumes. Luckily, the sensors on the furnace shut itself down. The next day he called calgary furnace replacement. They were there the same day after calling early in the morning. That following Saturday I woke up to this hissing sound. Apparently, the temperatures were so cold in their crawl space that one of the feed pipes had cracked. After shutting the water off we had to call a calgary plumber to fix the system. It didn't take long and everything was all right once again.

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