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Breakdown fuse elimination

After leaving my mother in law's on Christmas we drove down to the little store to pick up some necessity my husband left the car running  because my son and myself were inside. After coming out  and driving down the road a couple hundred feet the truck  completely shut down. The key would turn the motor over but there is no fuel. We had put the new oil pump in it two years prior but as my husband turn the key he could not hear the fuel pump running. He checked the fuses inside the truck that said fuel pump but they were good. He checked the fuses under the hood that and they were good also. He couldn't understand why the fuel pump wasn't working. It was a wet slushy day so maybe water had somehow shorted out the fuel pump wires. But the fuses were good. For the heck of it he decided to check all the fuses one by one inside to find out that the fuel pump has two fuses one labeled as fuel pump and one labelled as engine ignition. The one that was labelled engine ignition was blown. He put a new one in the truck started right up but two miles down the road the fuse blew again. The way he figured it he had five extra fuses and if each one got it that much closer to home we could walk if we were close. We were within six miles to begin with when we broke down. He crawled underneath wiggled the wires on the fuel pump put the second fuse in and it has been good ever since. He says he's going to just blame it on the wet slushy weather. What an ordeal!

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