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Nature trekking

From snow mobile riding, riding four wheelers and even a quiet countryside morning walk is our favorite past time  providing educational nature experience for our kids. Our walking trail is only a few blocks from our house past the railroad tracks. Yet we can do so much in a day from there. The scenic views in this country side can be more exciting like yesterday when we went out for some nature adventure. As we reached the creek riding the four wheeler we picked up some rocks to throw in the creek as we make wishes.  Fifty foot from where we stand was a beaver  dam. There was no beaver on sight but the dam sure makes the water flow slowly. Makes you wonder if there are fish trapped on that creek.

On the other hand, our five year old is trying to get himself unstuck  in the middle of the bushes. He had to have that stick. Every time we go in the woods he always finds something interesting  its either rocks or sticks and we have to bring it with us. Of course, mommy will be his sidekick. Most of the time I  end up carrying a bunch of stuff. Making sure I don't drop a single thing or I will get audited later.

So many things to see that day. My husband also spotted the huge bird's nest laying on top the power line tower. Its so amazing to see the big creature flying around it. Two huge bird's nest at the very top now that's something I never saw in my life before. The bird flying around it seems to be disturbed by us so we continue on our journey. Back on our four wheeler we drove farther .

I also took a snap shot of the wild flowers growing  on the field. Don't know what it is but I like it.  All in all that day was wonderful.

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