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Our poor little guy

Even though its winter its kind of mild outdoors we decided to take our son to the zoo. Just to have something to take his mind off from what had happened earlier this week in school. They were getting ready for lunch so he went to wash his hands but the bathroom was full of other kids. The teacher told him to go to the next room and use that bathroom. The other class room was empty. He opened the bathroom door, as he went to close it the door swung wild his hand was in the way. As he pulled back his pinkie finger got smashed in the door literally crushing it and tearing the meat to the bone. See this door swung the opposite way as his bathroom door and also didn't have a hydraulic to slow it down.

The school called we went to get him.The  first hospital we went to after taking an hour to evaluate him told us they really didn't want to do it. So back on the road to another hospital that could. This hospital didn't have enough doctors on staff so we had to wait another hour for the specialist to look at it. After that it was 2 hours between everything before we could bring our five year old home. The bad part about it is he has pain medicine for it but he says there's no pain. This possibly means that he has no nerves left in his little pinkie. What should we do. On Tuesday they will be removing his cast to check on it. So so devastating.

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