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Breast cancer awareness products

It's always so sad when you hear the word cancer whether it is a friend, relative, or your next door neighbor. It still makes you wonder how many things they classify as cancer these days.  The first thing the doctors say to you "oh we need to get you in right away to start treatments".  The treatments may kill you faster then the cancer itself by breaking down your immune system where a common cold to take your life.

The best thing that I've seen are breast cancer awareness products. At least  finding out earlier is better than later. By having extra time you can look into these. There maybe other alternatives for your treatments. I've heard of a lot of people using alternative medicines these days. Some of these are close friends and we shall see how the final outcome is.   This year at the state fair they were giving away  bracelets for cancer awareness. In the last few years between the cancer society and the diabetes society I've been  at five different events where I've donated  my time and knowledge in hopes in eliminating  cancer in my lifetime.

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