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Scammers on ebay

Never get your hopes up when it seems too good to be true like they say it probably is. Bidding on EBay is getting so bad these days. People put their stuff on Eba then they have a friend, a cousin who knows bidding it up. So let's say you bid on something. And the bid doesn't seem to be going that high. You've already put in a high hidden bid but it hasn't gone anywhere because there's nobody is bidding against you. Then in the last day sometimes the last hour some mystery bidder comes in and keeps on bidding it up and up.  We just let the auction go. Usually the next day you see the product re-listed on eBay usually not costing anything to the seller. It was just a fake bidder trying to get you to bid higher and higher for the product. There's not many fair auctions left. We suggest buying products that only have the buy it now button. At least you know what you're paying for.

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