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Camper trailer

   For years we have loved going up to the Adirondack mountains camping. Old Forge New York is our families play ground. The wilderness up there is extravagant. Any place you turn to take a picture is like a postcard. We've actually made some family postcards and sent them out  showing our adventure.  Normally we're packing up everything  including our tent. This spring we're buying a camper trailer so they'll be a lot less work at our site.
   Two years ago at our camp site even being as careful as we are putting up all food so the animals don't wander in looking for stuff we had a mama and baby bear at 1:30 in the morning come walking through. I think they were mad that we didn't have any food laying around because they thought they would rough up the tent as in to tell us to throw them something sweet to eat.  Very scary being in that tent that night not knowing if those claws would rip through. So having a camping trailer will feel somewhat safer.  

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