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Buying truck on eBay

In short, my husband bought a 1995 ford cube van on eBay a month ago. The van was in Long Island so he had to buy a plane ticket. The previous owner of the van picked him up at the airport took him to where the van was. It really was in good shape for the year. The previous owner only drove it a few miles a week around town. My husband started coming home with it which is a 7 hour drive. Half way through the trip the motor died for no apparent reason. It was raining that day. My husband got out of the truck and noticed that the muffler looking thing under the truck which is called the catalytic converter was glowing red. The rain had been cooling it down but it was still steaming. He found out by calling a friend that the converter was clogged. He had his tools with him. He had to cut one slice in each exhaust pipe with the hacksaw then take his hammer and turn the cut into a hole. So now the motor could breath. He went back to start it it started fine and he finally made it home 9 hours later. What an experience.

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