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Closet organization

My husband heard me screaming up in our bedroom one day. He came running up the stairs at a hundred miles an hour. He went to open up the bedroom door to come in the lock didn't turn all the way. His shoulder went into the door and cracked the doors open. As he came in I was still yelling. He says where are you? I'm in here! which was inside the closet. All the shelves had fallen down on top of me clothes and all. I had put too many books for storage on the top shelves. After spending the rest of the day pulling everything out taking most of the clothes downstairs to wash them again, it was time for a new plan for the new closet organization. This time all the shelves will have double brackets, solid underneath of them. I decided to go with wire racks also that make it a lot handier to place all my shoes. Lots of shoes.

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