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2001 MXZX skidoo : win and lose

I guess all things happen for a reason. My husband and our son Jarred finally found the snowmobile of their dreams. We had already sold one of ours to pay for the new one. He started bidding on ebay and he is a great bidder. Being an insomniac he studies ebay to no end. He's never lost nothing on ebay that he really wanted. I had to admit it was a beautiful looking snowmobile. He bid on it, won it, sent money to pay for it. It was from a dealership. The seller called us with some bad news that the snow mobile had problems with the motor. He said we could come take a look at it if we like and have it for a discounted price or he would refund our money. We took our money back but we're very disappointed in not receiving our snowmobile. Anyhow, here is the picture its a 2001 MXZX skidoo. He promised to give us a call when it was fixed just in case we were still looking.

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