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The power of a mouse

I woke up early the other morning getting breakfast for the family. Eventually going to the sink turning on the water and there was none. My husband was still sleeping I thought to myself "should I wake him up"? I'm glad I did. Our water comes from our well and if there's a problem it usually a big one. My husband flew out of bed just barely zipping his pants to go way down the hill to investigate the pump. After getting down there uncovering the pump house which is underground, he pushed the reset switch. Sparks flew from the power cable coming in. As he was looking closer where the wires were shorted out he happen to notice a mouse that was apparently trapped in a pump house. The mouse had chewed the wires and shorted them out. After fixing the wires and coming up the hill my husband gave his sigh of relief to me saying that "of all the bad things that could happen to the well pump this one was the easiest to fix" needless to say this mouse's life became real short on that day.

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