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Halloween Costumes

Halloween should be a longer occasion. It's one of our most favorite time of the year because let's face it you don't normally play dressed up for any of the other holidays. By the end of the evening were already thinking about next year's costume. When the kids are little and you're making their choices is the sweetest time. So many different outfits to choose from. Going trick or treating around our block is like waiting for the super bowl game.

Doug, our neighbor two doors down goes all out from scratch. He builds the whole haunted house out of his front yard and two car garage. He has temporary walls he sets up with every kind of monster imaginable. This year he even added a fake truck coming though a brick wall that would automatically reset itself. How horrific!

We should back up and say we have so much fun with the kids. We plant our own pumpkin seeds that we continue recycling from the year before's pumpkins. Our pumpkins are the biggest in the neighborhood weighing in at 60 pounds each.

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