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Wooden Blinds Direct

It seemed like every other day my grandmother was complaining about her old porch. I finally got a few family members together to look at the situation. Originally we were gonna tear down the whole porch and replace it. It seem a shame that my grandfather had built the whole porch back in the nineteen forties. Instead of tearing the whole thing down which the front was windows all the way across, we decided to take out the three center windows and replace them with the sliding glass door. We re-sanded the old hardwood floors in there. My grandmother didn't want to part with the old blinds that were in there because they were so unique. But they were in disrepair from the many years of use. Grandma thought it was so interesting when I brought my laptop over. We started our search online for new venetian blinds and of course this took days. The tough part I had was talking her into having all vertical blinds to match. The simplex of the site that we found was amazing. We already had all our sizes. After we had picked what we wanted it only took fifteen minutes to conclude our sale.

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