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Save The Date Postcards

Planning a wedding in a three month time frame is a very hectic ordeal. The chaos of it all. its a wonder that you don't need to get a divorce before you get married. (haha) We had a format with everything we needed to get done. Now if everybody will remember to follow through with their part. So many different angles for something to go wrong. It reminded me of the nightmares when we renovated our house. When it came to sending out wedding invitation we had two different kinds. Both of these kinds were designed on For the wedding party we had a six by eleven autumn picture on one side and then the other side the complete announcement of our wedding. We still needed another hundred invitations. We picked save the date postcards for the announcements. It was quick. We had it done with their premium stock with the UV coating to assure that the picture on the card would last for years to come.

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