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Boating safety measures

We decided to go on a short trip on the boat yesterday. The motor was running a little rough so my husband bought some spark plugs for it. After he put them in started it up it was running quite a bit better. We bought the boat used and it had old gas in the tank. My husband siphoned the old gas out but it still had some bad gas jelling inside the tank. The only way to get rid of the jell is to keep on running tankfuls of gas through it and changing the plugs and the gas filter periodically. So we did. We got out on the river a little ways down.

My husband opened the throttle up to try to make sure the engine was running smooth. The speed limit on the river is 8mph. We were going about 25mph. Around the corner we went and how do you figure this. The coast guard boat was sitting right there. They pulled us over for going too fast. My husband explained that we were only doing the speed for less than a minute just to clear the motor out. He even showed them the old plugs. They didn't give us a ticket but they took us through the whole boat safety check. Counting life jackets, checking our fire extinguisher, flares, and asking about our non-existing horn. ( hehe ).

Anyhow, we found out that we need a horn and our flares are outdated. They let us go. They took my husband's name hopefully they don't send us a ticket in the mail. Wow! That made this Saturday a little more interesting.

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