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Bedroom Sets

I've almost waited two years after moving in to our new house. I thought we were going to get new furniture when we moved in to the place but with my husband's layoff we had to wait awhile. We thought our taxes were included in our monthly mortgage payment. We were wrong. So that took another four hundred dollars out of our pockets each month to keep caught up with the tax men. Finally, he is back to work and I'm on my search for designer bedroom set along with a new dining room set and hutch. It makes me a little sad that my old bed is an extra large wood framed king sized bed but in the new house really only a queen size fits the room its because of the over sized closet but I'm not parting with my large walk in closet for nothing. I have a shoe rack that you would not believe I can put over 30 pairs of shoes on this rack and its almost filled. Anyhow, the bed we picked out is so extravagant that I'm gonna change the color of the room to a lighter color to give a more positive negative highlight effect of the new bed and the beautiful quilts I picked out down in PA dutch country.

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