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A hunt for treasures

They say that men are notorious in not stopping at garage sales but I dont see my hubby in the same way. Its a good thing because I love to hunt for old stuff at garage sales and since I don't drive yet my husband is there to drive me to go to garage sales, lawn sale or what ever you call them. (lol!) So Sunday morning we drove down and my husband found a slide for sale. It was really a bargain. Havent' got a picture of it yet but I will post it here as soon as daddy finished his project for our little boy. I also found a bunch of gold some are 14k. I'm still collecting them so i can sell it online. The price of gold now a days is high so I'm hoping I could sell them too. It was worth it.

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1 Response to "A hunt for treasures"

  1. Maus says:
    August 27, 2009 at 1:12 PM

    love a garage sale too bru
    paagi here, turog si twins,
    congrats bru na maintain so pr mo here.

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