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The Chipmunks

It's so neat to watch the chipmunks running around in our backyard. It is so fun to watch them looking for food. Chipmunks are funny because they have a balancing problem when eating. Every time he stuffed his cheeks he would go a few steps, list to one side, then stop and dart for still another nut or two to balance the load. Chipmunks make their homes away from houses and barns and have tidy habits that's why they were tolerated even if they were rodents. One day we saw a chipmunk in our backyard just outside the shed. He went inside the small whole and disappeared from our sight. My son Jarred was so amazed by the little creature and ran towards the spot where it went. He was staring at the small whole waited and waited but no chipmunk comes out. He was a little disappointed by that. Maybe next time we will spot him again.

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