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Coming home

Yesterday was quite a busy day for us. We went to my in-laws house and fix the furnace and hooked up the water line so it would be ready by the time my in-laws come home from a long drive from Florida. Ocala Florida to Hastings NY would take 19 hours and 25 minutes non-stop driving, 1200.22 miles. We spend two hours fixing and by the time were done its about 11 o'clock and decided to stop on a garage sale on our way home. Daddy found a karaoke radio for the price of what he paid its very reasonable enough they just wanted to get rid of it and sell it for a very cheap amount. We are expecting Mom and Dad to arrive today wishing a safe trip for them.

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1 Response to "Coming home"

  1. Maus says:
    May 18, 2009 at 8:01 AM

    kaya palan silent ka bru hehe

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